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Materials Lab

In conversation with Adam Procter & Sunil Manghani

26th April 2023

On Wednesday, Professor Sunil Manghani will be in conversation with Dr. Adam Procter, regarding his recent research.

Adam Procter refers to himself as a designer-practitioner-researcher and attempts to move fluidly across each of these definitions. His practice research focuses around humane centred design practices with a specific merging of two arenas, the Art School and the web. He builds things to enhance, disrupt and playful intervene within this setting. His most recent work has culminated in a new education tool ( and a set of principles for further tool development. A key question, in seeking to bridge between the Art School and the web (networked machine), has been around how we can meaningfully extend the studio culture from a shared physical space to a shared physical/digital space for co-creation.

The discussion will start with some critical questions regarding practices, methods and outcomes. Adam will outline some of the methods used to work ‘in the open’. He will then lead to consideration of a new feature of, which is in development with Web Science Institute Pilot funding.

For the afternoon workshop, participants are asked to return for an in-person, multiplayer workshop to discuss practice-based research and how you might take your practice forward. We will use prompts and discussion as part of using, including access to the new feature. NB. You will need a network connected phone or laptop (tablet or laptop recommended).

You do NOT need to attend the discussion to attend the workshop.

The AMT talk will be in person and on Teams, but the PM workshop is in person only. Please register for via the link