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WSA Exchange LAB

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We are WSA Exchange, connecting you with a world-class university. We offer services to help transform society (business and civic) by bringing together academic staff, students, research users, wider groups and communities to exchange ideas, evidence and expertise. We specialise in digital, media, technology, marketing, fashion and design and art, helping transform for the better good.

Based in a research-intensive university we believe that knowledge benefits everyone when it is shared. We work with partners to generate and share ideas, evidence, methods, skills and experiences to make meaningful change in the world. By partnering with us, we can deliver an impact that transforms businesses, civic communities, lives and the environment.

We provide expert consultancy to scope, shape and deliver ground-breaking projects. Whether you are looking for a workshop for your team, an insight report or face-to-face strategic advice through a series of dedicated meetings, we can help.

At WSA, our talented students study various disciplines, including media, digital, marketing, branding, design, fashion, technology and art. Our students are highly creative with research, strategic and creative skills all available to external partners. Set a live brief for our students to provide you with fresh insights and ideas from young creative professionals or access our database of students available for internships or employment.

Please work with us to accelerate your strategic projects and collaborate to benefit from our leading research and knowledge resources.

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Amanda Bragg-Mollison
Deputy Head of School (Education)

Winchester School of Art
University of Southampton
Park Avenue, Winchester, SO23 8DL

For all enquiries please contact: