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Global Smart Lab

The Global Smart Lab draws together notable expertise from across the School, regarding creative computing, AR/VR and AI technology; Inclusive Design methodologies; smart service design; smart textiles; and data visualisation. It connects with the School’s other labs: Data Image Lab (and Design Studio); Materials Lab; and Social Lab. Together the labs represent interdisciplinary methodological ‘spaces’ and infrastructure that bring together people, facilities, technologies, ideas and experimentation. As part of the wider University, the School is able to connect across to key areas in computing, engineering, physics, life sciences, health, and marine sciences. Notable connections include the Web Science Institute, Social Data Foundation, Life Sciences Institute, the National Oceanography Centre, Research Centre on Ageing, and Alan Turing Institute (based at the British Library).

The Global Smart Lab was established to advance research at the interface of art and design with respect to smart technologies, experiences and living. Ranging across the domains of health, well-being, education, learning, and leisure, the Lab is focused on core challenges relating to the futures of AI, AR, and VR, social and smart technologies, inclusivity, data culture, and sustainability. Central to the work of the lab are its critical & creative methods, interdisciplinary investigations, international collaborations, and its commitment to sustaining a global, network of hubs and pop-up labs.

Current areas of interest/activity at WSA include immersive design for museum and education contexts; smart service design for ageing populations; AI-enabled processes for creativity; smart textiles for health and well-being; and zero waste/sustainability.


Yuanyuan Yin
Co-director of the Global Smart Lab

Sunil Manghani
Co-director of the Global Smart Lab

Winchester School of Art
University of Southampton
Park Avenue, Winchester, SO23 8DL