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BA Graphic Communication

Protest.mp4: Antalis Creative Power Finalist

Studio 3015

The ‘Protest.mp4’ publication, designed by Studio 3015 & BA Graphic Arts students, has been selected as a finalist within the category ‘Design for Good’ for the Anatalis Creative Power Awards.

Protest.mp4 is a collaborative project between Studio 3015, the graduating students of BA Graphic Arts at Winchester School of Art and The National Caribbean Heritage Museum, reflecting upon the shifts in the representation of Black British history often caused by societal movements and through political changes in response to new Acts and Laws. Students were asked to explore important archival materials of the 1981 Brixton Uprisings and present their findings through contemporary socio-political responses to these contexts.

The publication acts as a paedagogy encompassing a record of this investigation through experimental workshops with students and industry professionals, interviews and lectures, which test to push the boundaries of protest and its traditional poster format, through the form of moving image. The single print colour is used to highlight the importance of the subject matter throughout, whilst the paper choice of Cyclus Offset mimics themes of newspaper and archived materials.