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Materials Lab

Case Studies

14th November—22nd March 2024

East Building

This winter, ‘Case Studies’ will highlight three WSA staff members, each employing 3D printing in some form or other within their creative process. Come spring, students will be invited to submit proposals exploring 3D printing in their own practice.

14/11 – 08/12

Amy Scott-Pillow – ‘Remodel’

An exploration born from discarded Victorian cast plaster mouldings, which were discovered in a skip outside. The fragments have had layers of thick emulsion paint removed from the surface, 3D scanned using iPhone technology, imported, and manipulated into new digital objects, then layer-by-layer 3D printed. These century-old decorative fragments are revived and reformed into this new, modern material, eventually some of the new forms are re-cast into plaster. 12/12 – 26/01 – Jacob Hall

30/01 – 23/02 – Ian Dawson – Prosthesis