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Arjan Guerrero – A World is an Object is a World: Navigating Space Technologies

5th December 2023

Westside Lecture Theatre

The Critical Infrastructures and Image Politics (CIIP) research group is pleased to invite you all to a guest lecture by artist Arjan Guerrero who works with automating, augmenting, and interactive media.

Echoing the European exploration of the so-called New World during the XV-XVI centuries, this talk will present an investigation of the New New New World: a navigation through physical, digital, virtual, mathematical, and fictional space where objects and worlds emerge from one another. New New New World is an art project which pipelines digital technologies to make real a world latent within the BigGAN, a historical AI image synthesiser.

Arjan Guerrero is a graduate of Goldsmiths’ MFA Computational Arts (2023) and Visiting Lecturer at Winchester School of Arts, he has been awarded the Lumen Prize (2022), granted by programs such as Arte Ciencia y Tecnologías (MX), and exhibited internationally.